Saturday, July 12, 2008

Today I've Lost You

by. Take That
Driving home in my car, nearly midnight
Rain on the road in my view
Holding my heart, it's the first night without you
On my clothes I still smell your perfume

Should I called when I left you were crying?
Is it too late to apologize?
From talking to fighting, admitting, denying
To finally saying goodbye

Now I regret every word that was spoken
I said some things you know I didn't mean
Maybe we'll turn back the time, work it out, start anew
Oh, maybe today I've lost you

I can't help but think of our last conversation
I close my eyes I can still see your face
I hope what I'm feeling now, you are feeling it too
Oh, maybe today I've lost you

Driving faster out on this empty road
Being single's so bad at twenty-three
Looking for signs, asking strangers directions
When the answer's right in front of me

Strange how a day it can feel like a lifetime
I know what I had now it's gone
I swallowed my pride coz alone here, I'm dying
And with you is where I belong

For twenty-four hours I've been searching for reasons
Reasons why we should be living apart
Hope I'm not too late to come home, work it out, start anew
Oh, maybe today I've lost you

Maybe today I've lost you [2x]


uthie said...

ngopo tish?
putus po?

Ti2Sh said...

Not really.. *loh?* xp